Bond Proposal Information

Montcalm Area Intermediate School District will be asking our communities to consider a bond proposal in the primary election on February 27, 2024.   We have been serving our communities since 1962 and we have never proposed a bond to our voters.  This will be the first time.

This request is for improvements and upgrades to our facilities district-wide, many of which address HVAC, mechanical, and electrical service needs.  We operate programs and services for students at the Montcalm Area Career Center,  Seiter Education Center, Montcalm Transitions Center, and Hamler Administration Building.  We also own the H.O. Steele Education Center. 

Montcalm Area ISD provides special education, career and technical education, and general education services to the districts of Carson City - Crystal, Central Montcalm, Greenville, Lakeview, Montabella, Tri County, and Vestaburg, as well as Flat River Academy and Success Virtual Learning Centers. 

We proudly serve our communities and over 12,000 students in Montcalm County.

Our Service Area and School Districts in Montcalm County

Map of the school districts within Montcalm Area ISD.

Montcalm Area ISD Bond Proposal - Full Video


Montcalm Area ISD Bond Proposal
Short Video with Focus on Montcalm Area Career Center


Montcalm Area ISD Bond Proposal
Short Video with Focus on Seiter Education Center

Montcalm Area ISD Bond Proposal
Short Video with Focus on Montcalm Transition Center


Montcalm Area ISD Bond Proposal - Short Video


Bond Proposal Postcard
This postcard mailer was sent to all households in the voting precincts during the week of January 15, 2024.  It gives a quick overview of the bond proposal.

Postcard Mailer Sent to All Households

Would you like to learn more about our bond proposal?  These two community forums are open to anyone interested in attending.  Bond proposal information will be shared along with building tours and an opportunity to speak directly with Montcalm Area ISD Superintendent Kyle Hamlin and other district leaders.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024
Starting at 5:00 PM
Montcalm Area Career Center
1550 West Sidney Road in Sidney

Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Starting at 5:00 PM
Seiter Education Center
1401 Van Deinse Avenue in Greenville 

For questions about the community forums, please contact Penny Dora at or 616-225-6136.

Date of Election
This bond proposal will appear on the ballot in the primary election which will be held on February 27, 2024.  This is a county-wide ballot proposal.  It is the first time we have ever asked our communities to consider a bond proposal.   

Voting Precincts
This is a county-wide ballot proposal.  The Montcalm Area ISD encompasses all of the school districts in Montcalm County.  Therefore, this ballot proposal will be presented to every voting precinct within the school districts served by Montcalm Area ISD.  If you reside in one of those districts, this proposal will be on your ballot.  

Bond Amount
This request is in the amount of $36.8 million.

Millage Increase
This will be an increase of 0.65 mills for a 20 year term.  

Graphic showing bond amount, millage increase, and election date

This bond proposal will be presented to all registered voters residing in the service area of Montcalm Area ISD.  Our service area includes the school districts of Carson City - Crystal, Central Montcalm, Greenville, Lakeview, Montabella, Tri County, and Vestaburg.  All seven of our school districts encompass parts of bordering counties in their school boundaries.  

What does this mean?

  1. Any registered voter who resides in Montcalm County is eligible to vote in this election.
  2. Additionally, any registered voter who lives in another county but resides in one of these school districts is also eligible to vote.  

Our Service Area and School Districts in Montcalm CountyPicture of school district maps with Montcalm County overlay


List of dates and hours for early voting locations

This is the ballot language for the Montcalm Area ISD bond proposal.  If you would like to see your full election ballot, go to and select President Primary from the drop down box.  Complete the rest of the selections, and your ballot should appear.  

A picture of the ballot langauge as it appears on the election ballot.

Montcalm Area ISD has identified $40,756,423 in improvements proposed for four of our buildings as listed below.  We have allocated almost $4 million from our capital outlay that will be used toward these improvements.  This reduces the total bond request to $36.8 million as explained in the graph below.  

Graph of bond proposal allocations

Bond Request = $36.8 million

20 Year Term at 0.65 mills 

Proposed Allocations

Seiter Education Center

Montcalm Transition Center 

Montcalm Area Career Center

Hamler Administration Building

Capital Outlay from Montcalm Area ISD = $3,956,438

Seiter Education Center

Montcalm Transition Center

Montcalm Area Career Center

Hamler Administration Building

Seiter Education Center provides services for students moderately or severely impacted by their disability who reside in one of seven districts within Montcalm County and are unable to be successful in a less restrictive environment. Students are placed at Seiter Education Center through the IEP process and collaboration between ISD and school district teams.

Scope of Projected Improvements and/or Upgrades

  • Roofing Membrane (current roof - year 1993)
  • Trim, Fascia and Soffits
  • Exterior Walls
  • Corridors and Front Entrance
  • Classrooms and Office Spaces
  • Windowless Spaces
  • Building of New Addition
  • Renovation of Existing Space
  • HVAC and Related Mechanical
  • Storm Drain System
  • Electrical Service
  • Distribution & Branch Panels
  • Emergency Lighting and Lighting Controls
  • Fire Alarm

The Seiter Education Center is located in Greenville.  Built in 1973, it was originally used as a showroom and service center for Gibson Appliance, a refrigerator manufacturing company headquartered in Greenville.  

Picture of the front entrance to Seiter Education Center

Proposed Floor Plan and Aerial View
This is a picture of the proposed floor plan for constructing an addition to the current Seiter Education Center located in Greenville.  The proposed new space is shown in purple shading and the current existing space is shown in orange.  This is a north facing view.  The front entrance of the building faces Van Deinse Avenue.  There is also an aerial view shown which includes parking lots and our bus garage which sits at the back of the property.  There are no renovations occurring at the bus garage.  

Proposed floor plan for the addition to Seiter Education Center

This is an aerial view of the proposed addition to the Seiter Education Center.

Montcalm Transition Center is the administrative service center for Great Start Readiness Programs and special education early childhood services for children ages birth to 5 years old.  This is also the location of our Young Adults program with classrooms for our special education learners ages 18-26 years old.  

Scope of Projected Improvements and/or Upgrades

  • HVAC and Related Mechanical
  • Electrical Service Upgrades
  • Roofing Membrane and Flashings (current roof - year 2000)
  • Improve Approach to Front Entrance

This building is located in Stanton.  It was purchased by Montcalm Area ISD during the 2019-2020 school year from Sheridan Community Hospital.
Picture of the Montcalm Transition Center

Montcalm Area Career Center, known as The MACC, offers career and technical education, commonly called CTE programs, for high school juniors and seniors in Montcalm County.   We offer 12 programs as listed below. 

  1. Agriscience
  2. Automotive Technology
  3. Business Administration
  4. CAD - Computer Aided Design
  5. Construction Trades
  6. Diesel/Heavy Equipment
  7. Digital Arts
  8. Educational Careers
  9. Engineering
  10. Health Sciences
  11. Public Safety
  12. Welding

Scope of Projected Improvements and/or Upgrades

  • HVAC, ACCU, Rooftop Units, Related Mechanical 
  • Electrical Service and Lighting Controls
  • Roofing Membrane and Flashings (Current roof - year 1998)
  • Parking Lot Pavement and Upgrades
  • Signage - Interior, Exterior, and Electronic at Roadside
  • Flooring - Carpet Tiling
  • Greenhouse for AgriScience Program (Exterior Maintenance and Panels) 
  • Flooring for Construction, Welding, Automotive, Heavy Truck Programs

The Montcalm Area Career Center was built in 1979.  It is located in Sidney.  

Picture of the front entrance of Montcalm Area Career Center

The Hamler Administration Building is the central services facility for our district.  It is houses the primary functions essential to operations such as business and technology services, instructional leadership, and administration.  This building also serves as the professional development center for our district and the main location for offering collaborative learning opportunities for our school and community partners throughout Montcalm County.  

Scope of Projected Improvements and/or UpgradesPicture of the Hamler Administration Building

  • HVAC and Related Mechanical
  • Roofing Membrane (current roof - year 1999)
  • Restroom Accessibility Improvements and Renovations

Located in Stanton, the Hamler Administration Building was built in 1963.  It was originally designed as trailer manufacturing site.  

  • Picture of Hamler Administration Building

Bond Request = $36.8 million

20 Year Term at 0.65 mills 

     $ 60,000 Taxable Value= $39.00 annually        

     $ 70,000 Taxable Value= $45.50 annually

     $ 80,000 Taxable Value= $52.00 annually

     $ 90,000 Taxable Value= $58.50 annually

    $100,000 Taxable Value= $65.00 annually

    $110,000 Taxable Value= $71.50 annually

    $120,000 Taxable Value= $78.00 annually

Formula: Taxable Value x .00065= Annual Tax Amount

Who is the Montcalm Area Intermediate School District?
(Also known as 
Montcalm Area ISD or MAISD)

Located in Montcalm County, Montcalm Area ISD is an educational service agency supporting seven local districts, one public school academy, and one virtual school. We proudly serve our school communities and more than 12,000 students in Montcalm County from the following districts:

  • Carson City-Crystal Area Schools
  • Central Montcalm Public Schools
  • Greenville Public Schools
  • Lakeview Community Schools
  • Montabella Community Schools
  • Tri County Area Schools
  • Vestaburg Community Schools
  • Flat River Academy
  • Success Virtual Learning Centers

What is a school bond proposal?
A bond proposal is how an ISD asks its community for authorization to borrow money to pay for capital expenditures. Voter-approved bond funds can be spent on new construction, additions, remodeling, site improvements, athletic facilities, playgrounds, furnishings, equipment, buses and technology. The bond proposal must be approved by eligible electors..

What is Montcalm Area ISD asking for in the 2024 bond proposal?
Montcalm Area ISD is asking voters to authorize $36.8 million to fund improvements to four of the district’s buildings, including:

  • A significant addition and renovation to the Seiter Education Center.  This building provides services for students with moderate or severe disabilities.
  • Renovations and improvements to the Montcalm Area Career Center – infrastructure improvements that support career and technical education for 12 CTE programs offered for high school students attending Montcalm County schools.  
  • Basic improvements in roofing, heating, and electrical systems at Montcalm Transition Center (MTC) and Hamler Administration Building

Is the Montcalm Area ISD bond proposal similar to other school district bond proposals?
Yes. All school district bond elections in the State of Michigan must comply with state law which requires that expenditures of bond proceeds be audited and cannot be used for repair or maintenance costs, teacher, administrator or employee salaries or other operating expenses. Funding from the Montcalm Area ISD bond proposal will support additions and renovations to the Seiter Education Center and Montcalm Area Career Center, as well as basic improvements in roofing, heating, and electrical systems at the Montcalm Transition Center and Hamler Administration Building.

Would my taxes increase if the bond proposal is approved?
If approved, the ballot proposal would authorize the district to sell its bonds in an amount not to exceed $36.8 million. Following the sale of the bonds, the district will levy an estimated 0.65 mill to repay the bondholders. This will be the first time Montcalm Area ISD has asked voters to consider a bond proposal.  

What is a mill?
A mill is equal to $1 per every $1,000 of taxable property valuation (not the market value of a home). Homeowners can refer to their latest assessment for their home’s taxable value.

Why is the district asking for a bond proposal?
Due to the size and scale of school buildings, maintenance, updates, and improvements are costly and typically not possible through the traditional funding received by school districts. Our district has several needs requiring large sums of money, such as roofing, HVAC, electrical, and mechanical needs. 

How are improvements to Michigan schools funded?
The State of Michigan does not provide specific funding to address facilities, which are generally funded exclusively through local property taxes. There are two ways that school districts can raise money for facility improvements: levying sinking funds and selling bonds. 

What about per pupil funding?
Funding provided to school districts on a per pupil basis are budgeted for the needs related to educating a student.  Those funds are not typically used for facility improvements.  

Can the money from the Bond be used to pay teacher or other employee salaries and benefits?
No. School districts and ISD’s are not allowed to use bond dollars for operating expenses such as teacher, administrator, or employee salaries or benefits.  Bond funds must be kept separate from the district’s operating funds.

How was the amount of the bond proposal determined?
Montcalm Area ISD was involved in a year-long planning process which included studying the needs of our facilities and conducting a thorough facilities needs assessment.  After considering all available funding options, it was determined requesting a bond would be the best financial approach. The amount of this request was based on projected needs and estimated costs, with great consideration to not impose a significant tax burden on the communities we serve.  

What would happen if the bond proposal is not approved?
If this bond is not approved, the district would have to delay building improvements and repairs.   Any emergency repairs would have to be paid for with general operating funds intended to support the district in other ways. 

If this bond is approved, the district will be in a better position to make significant improvements without sacrificing operating funds.  

How will this affect local businesses?
Just like a homeowner, if the bond passes, a business’ millage rate will reflect the outcome of the bond election in the same way an individual’s property tax rate would change for that property owner.

What is the timeline for projects to be completed? 
The amount of work being proposed in the bond proposal is significant.  As such, our Construction Management partners believe it to be the best practice to stagger the implementation of the projects. This would allow for greater contractor participation and would not stress the construction market which currently is struggling with labor availability. Greater participation of bidders means greater competition and hopefully better bid results that will benefit the school district.

How would students be impacted while this project is being constructed?
The goal is to minimally impact students during construction. Most construction would be completed during times when school is not in session in order to minimize disruptions to learning.


Who can vote in this bond proposal election? 
Residents within Montcalm Area ISD who will be 18 years of age or older on Election Day and are registered to vote. Please note, you can register to vote on the day of the election by contacting your local clerk’s office. 

Registered voters who resident in one of the seven local districts served by Montcalm Area ISD are eligible to vote for this bond proposal, even if they live in another county.  

Where can I get information about voting (such as how to register, where to vote, and absentee voting)?
Go to the Michigan Voter Information website or contact your local clerk. 

Where do I go to vote?
If you are unsure of your voting precinct, visit or contact your local clerk. 

Do I need to update my voter registration?
You need to update your voter registration if you have changed your name or address since the last time you voted. You can do this at any Secretary of State office or at the clerk’s office where you reside. 

Can I vote by absentee ballot?
Yes. Since voter approval of Proposal 3 in November 2018, registered voters do not need a reason to vote by absentee ballot. You can request an absentee ballot application from your Clerk’s Office or by going online to and clicking on Absentee Voting in the left column.

Absentee ballots should be available to voters after January 19, 2024, and may be cast through Election Day on Tuesday, February 27, 2024. 

If you have any questions,
you are welcome to contact:

Kyle Hamlin, Superintendent

Penny Dora, Director of Communications