Mission, Vision, and Goals

What is an ISD?

Montcalm Area ISD is an educational service agency, one of 56 such organizations in Michigan,  committed to providing educational support, services, and programs to our local school partners, as well as the students, families, and communities we serve in our Montcalm County region.

MAISD partners with and supports the local school districts of  Carson City-Crystal, Central Montcalm, Greenville, Lakeview, Montabella, Tri County, and Vestaburg, as well as Flat River Academy and Success Virtual Learning Centers.  MAISD coordinates and delivers services and programs in the areas of special education, career and technical education, and general education  which are designed to support and sustain learning and leadership.

MAISD operates its own buildings and programs supporting students, programs, and services through Early On, Early Childhood, Early College,  MAISD Local Programs, Montcalm Area Career Center, Montcalm Transition Center, and Seiter Education Center.  Our central services office is located in our Hamler Administration Building in Stanton.  

Learn more about MIchigan's ISDs and other educational service agencies by  visiting http://www.gomaisa.org and the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators. 

Our Vision

MAISD will be an educational partner in building strong communities.

Our Mission

In partnership with its communities, MAISD provides innovative and effective learning opportunities for students, schools, and families.  

Our Goals

Overarching Goal #1
Expand educational opportunities for all students, staff, and community.

  1. Ensure all students are career ready and the local economy is supported.
  2. Increase access to high quality services and resources that support childhood development prenatal through 3rd grade.
  3. Analyze special education programs and services, building upon existing strengths.  
  4. Improve efficacy and leverage resources, continue, explore, and expand joint ventures with community partners. 

Overarching Goal #2
Provide ongoing, forward-thinking leadership.

  1. Develop a succession planning protocol for all MAISD positions.
  2. Become the leader in collaboration within and across the county/counties. 

Overarching Goal #3
Create connectedness in MAISD, in districts, and between districts.

  1. Develop and implement a comprehensive communications plan and public relations strategy within MAISD and throughout its constituent communities.
  2. Improve mutual understanding and better target services, explore ways to share data and information between MAISD and local districts. 

Overarching Goal #4
Maintain financial integrity of MAISD and local districts.

  1. Identify additional sources of revenue & resource sharing to support MAISD’s mission.
  2. Develop and execute a plan for long term capital fund initiatives.

Overarching Goal #5
Establish a unified legislative voice.

  1. Expand legislative engagement strategy
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