Instructional Services

Montcalm Area ISD strives to provide services to local district teachers, administrators, and other staff that is research-based and relevant to the challenges in today's classrooms. Our focus, as we work with districts to develop Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, is on Tier 1: Best Initial Instruction. From this webpage, you have access to a variety of resources for curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional learning.

Our Purpose

Leading, collaborating, and serving to create education without boundaries.

Our goals:

  • Work collaboratively with local school districts and educators, including other MAISD departments to improve student achievement for each and every child through the implementation of multi-tiered systems of support;
  • Provide high quality, evidence-based professional learning opportunities for Montcalm County educators; and
  • Act as a liaison between the Michigan Department Education and local school districts by fostering the flow of information.

We believe:

  • providing evidenced-based professional learning opportunities are key to fostering lasting positive change in schools;
  • all educators deserve high quality, reasonably priced professional learning opportunities;
  • one of our roles is to provide a connection between local districts and the Michigan Department of Education and in doing so, keep local districts informed; 
  • partnerships with other ISDs/ESAs and organizations are important; and
  • our best work is done collaboratively with other MAISD departments and with local districts.

Instructional Services Staff

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Adel DiOrio

Associate Superintendent of Instruction
Phone: 616-225-6142