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Copyright Law

Visit the U.S. Copyright Office for complete details about copyright law.

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Use of Copyrighted Entertainment

Teachers are expected to abide by all copyright laws.  According to the U.S. Copyright Revision Act, a school can legally exhibit a copyrighted entertainment movie within a school without permission of the copyright owner only if the exhibition takes place in a classroom setting where a teacher is in attendance and the movie is an essential element of the current curriculum.  Only such a showing in a school is exempt from the copyright law. 

Non-curriculum use at schools and universities of copyrighted entertainment movies are not allowed unless the school purchases annually a Public Performance Movie Exhibition site license.

Staff, please reference your staff handbook and consult with your supervisor for additional information.

Pictures for Websites or Publications

MAISD Staff and Student Handbooks specifically indicate the expectation that pictures are directory information to be used for school or business purposes including posting on the district's website. 

If you are responsible for district publications, newsletters, or are a district web administrator responsible for posting content, please be sure to only post images of public domain or those you know you have consent to use. If you are unsure if you have consent from the individuals in a photo, please use the photo release form at the back of the Acceptable Use Policy to protect from copyright or FERPA violations.

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PDF DocumentAcceptable Use Policy - Photo Release Form

Directory Information

As specified in staff and student handbooks, "directory information" is information which would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed, including name, address, telephone listing, email address, photograph, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in sports, dates of attendance, honors, awards, degrees, weight, and height of team members, and most recently attended previously educational agency.

As a member of MAISD or a student registered to attend programs, we may on occasion use directory information for school or business purposes to highlight programs and services or bring attention to student excellence while always abiding by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Exclusion / Opt Out

If you have a legal or personal preference to exclude your directory information from school publications, including newsletters, published directories, or the district website, please notify the Technology Department by submitting a ticket and your wishes will be shared with district administration.

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External LinkTechnology Ticket (Requires staff or student login)