Frequently Asked Questions

An early college is an educational format that integrates the curricula of high school and college courses resulting in both a high school diploma and a college certificate or associate’s degree.

The students will attend class on a Montcalm Community College campus for all three years of the program

Early College will pay tuition, fees and books. Students will be responsible for transportation and food costs.

Students should be committed to:

Attending all classes every day;
Functioning in a college environment
Acting appropriately in a professional/public environment;
Following the student code of conduct handbook;
Completing all state and federal mandates (complete and update an Educational Development Plan, take the state assessment, etc.);
Maintain successful academic work in both high school and college courses

Students are expected to learn how to work at a college level. The environment and program will require students to devote greater effort, more time on academics, and a greater commitment to learning than most other high school students are asked to display

Students will have very personal attention in this program. Mentors, counselors, and access to the college support system will be available.

There will be informational meetings, announcements at their local schools, and mailers sent to parents and students at home. In addition, information regarding Early College will be available at

Students and parents can apply by contacting Shannon Tripp at The application is also available online at

Financial support for this program comes from the state student funding allowance. Because of this funding stream, this program is for public school students. Home schooled or private school students would have to enroll in a public school in order to apply.

Students have to be in their 10th grade year to apply, they have to be 14 by September 1 of their junior year, and they have to be within one credit of junior status by the end of their sophomore year.

Each local school district has a limited number of seats and the seats will be selected through a lottery.

Applications must be received by the deadline listed in the packet. If they are being sent through the mail, they must be postmarked by the deadline listed in the packet.

Students are selected through a lottery to fill the seats available for the program. There are a certain number of seats per district.

Each student will start taking college courses when s/he demonstrates proficiency at a college level in reading and writing. Student readiness will be determined by Montcalm Early College staff. Students may begin taking college courses at different times.

Students will need to work closely with an MCC counselor to ensure they are in a program that will be able to transfer to other universities. MCC has a macro agreement with many colleges state-wide to transfer general credits.

Students in this program can earn up to an associate degree or certificate.

Classes will include required classes to complete the Michigan Merit Curriculum expected outcomes. As an 11th grader, you will be taking accelerated high school science, math, English, and social studies. In the 2nd and 3rdyear of the program, you will take college classes related to your field of study.

Yes. However, the student’s schedule would have to accommodate participation in these activities and parents must arrange student transportation.

It will not have an impact on graduation rates as long as students complete the program in 3 or 4 years.

Students will have an official transcript from their high school, Early College and from Montcalm Community College.

This will be more likely when a student is taking college classes. They will have more flexibility in their schedule.

Students are immersed into the college environment. They learn to succeed in a college learning environment. It helps students bridge the learning and social gaps between high school and college. In addition, some classes can be counted as a high school and college credit. Students also earn many more college credits from an early college than they would from dual enrolling.

Students will receive an MCC ID card that will provide them access to the library, gym and pool immediately.

High school class sizes are expected to have approximately 23 students.

11thgrade courses are taught by certified high school teachers who regularly meet with their MCC faculty counterparts. MCC classes are taught by MCC professors.

Teachers will have office hours before and after school where students can request extra help as they do in their regular high schools.

Parents must arrange student transportation.

Testing is handled at MCC, but testing scores are provided back to the local district. We anticipate testing in the second year of each student’s program.

Yes, the SAT is embedded in the Michigan Merit Exam.

Not at this time. It is possible something could be worked out in the future.

The calendar for Early College is closely aligned with Montcalm Community College’s academic calendar.