Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)


Montcalm Area ISD is committed to providing a continuum of supports that builds capacity for all local districts as they implement a Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS) framework that is durable and sustainable.

It is our vision that MTSS implementation supports will be provided across all levels- preschool, elementary, and secondary-to all of the constituent districts within the county. It is also our intent to support all local districts in their efforts to integrate and align initiatives, programs, strategies, and activities and to embed them into their school improvement plans.

Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles are the framework for complete MTSS implementation with fidelity and integrity:

  • Adoption and use of an evidence-based core curriculum and instructional strategies for all students
  • Use of a universal screening tool for behavior and reading for all students
  • Incorporation of a data-based decision making and problem solving process or model
  • Use of evidence-based academic interventions
  • Implementation of a positive behavioral intervention and support system
  • Consistent use of a valid and reliable continuous progress monitoring tool at strategic and intensive levels of intervention

Behavior Supports

School-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive, team-based framework for creating and sustaining safe and effective schools. Emphasis is placed on prevention of problem behavior, development of pro-social skills, and the use of data-based problem solving for addressing existing behavior concerns. School-wide PBIS increases the capacity of schools to educate all students utilizing research-based school-wide, classroom, and individualized interventions (MiBSLi, 2017).


Academic Supports

The goals, objectives, and priorities for a school-wide reading model should tie into the action steps for a school’s overall reading goals within Michigan’s Continuous School Improvement Process. Objectives and priorities should be established for overall school reading support systems, as well as student outcome data for reading (MiBLSi, 2017)

Research and Resource Focus

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