SCECHs Information

What are SCECHs?

  • State Continuing Education Clock Hours (or SCECHs) are state-approved workshops, trainings, meetings, or conferences that are used for the renewal of educator certificates issued by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). SCECHs equal the total instructional hours in a program/meeting. Montcalm Area ISD offers several SCECHs opportunities alongside our professional development trainings.

Why may I need SCECHs?

  • The Michigan Department of Education offers several different opportunities for educators to renew their certificates. SCECHs are continued education/professional learning opportunities that can go towards your five-year educator certificate renewal window.
    • 1 SCECH Hour = 1 Professional Learning Hour
    • 1 SCECH Hour = 1 DPPD Hour
    • 25 SCECHs = 1 College Credit Hour

If you hold one of the following certificates/licenses you may use SCECHs towards your renewal;

  • Interim Occupational Certificate
  • Occupational Education Certificate
  • Professional Education Certificate
  • Standard Education Certificate
  • School Administrator Certificate
  • School Guidance Counselor License
  • School Psychologist Certificate

A total of 150 hours of education-related professional learning (SCECHs/DPPD) or 6 semester hours of approved College Credit Equivalent (or combination of each) is required for renewal.

For detailed renewal requirements please click here!


How can I obtain SCECHs?

In order to obtain SCECHs, your PIC number and email used for your MOECS account are REQUIRED!

  • Contact Central Office at your local district or follow these Step By Step Instructions on where to find PIC number--HERE!
  • MOECS Webpage

Traditional Professional Development

Montcalm Area ISD offers several different professional development opportunities that offer SCECHs including; face-to-face conferences, meetings, or workshops.

*Please note 100% Participation/Attendance during these trainings may be required in order to apply for SCECHs*

Please visit our website to see what workshops are available!

Year Long Non-Traditional Professional Development

Alongside the professional development opportunities Montcalm Area ISD has to offer the State Board of Education has approved the following non-traditional professional development activities for SCECH credit:

  • New Teacher/Counselor/Psychologist/Principal/Administrator Mentoring
  • Hosting Student Teachers
  • Serving on a School Improvement Team or Committee

(You read that right!... Those committee meetings that happen throughout the school year can earn you SCECH hours!)

Alongside SCECHs opportunities offered by Montcalm Area ISD, there are several District Provided Professional Development (or DPPD) opportunities right at your local district! Get in contact with them to find out more.

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