Student Services

Montcalm Area ISD works to serve students both in our local districts as well as in specialized programs.  In partnership with local districts and the local community college, we offer many opportunities for students to find their individual path to excellence. Please see a list of our programs with descriptions below, and access additional student services and supports at left.

Career/Technical Education (CTE)

Career and technical education programs are offered through the Montcalm Area Career Center (MACC) in Sidney, Michigan.  Serving high school juniors and seniors, the MACC hosts 10 programs in which Montcalm County can participate.

Early Childhood Programs and Services

Montcalm Area Intermediate School District provides a variety of opportunities for children ages birth to 5 through a network of county wide supports and services.  The focus on the opportunities and services provide is to work together in five areas: 

Physical Health Care
Social Emotional Health Care
Parent Education & Family Support
Early Care and Education 
Basic Needs, Economic Security and Child Safety

Early College in Montcalm County

Montcalm Area ISD and Montcalm County College are proud to partner in bringing students in the Montcalm County area a unique opportunity to obtain a high school diploma while working on an associate's degree.

Special Education Programs and Services

Special education services are available to eligible students from birth through high school graduation or age 26, as appropriate. Each school district and public school academy provides special education programs and services to students with disabilities.  MAISD provides collaborative supports, guidance, resources and technical assistance to assist with professional development, program development, parent support, technology and legal requirements to ensure the individualized needs of all students is addressed. 

Other Student Programs and Supports

ASD Coaching Network

IM Kids 3rd Meal

Section 504