Staff Evaluations (Internal)

Welcome to the MAISD Staff Evaluation landing page. Our goal is to house everything you need to be successful as a staff member who (1) is evaluated or (2) completes evaluations in your role at MAISD.


Pivot Evaluation Platform

  • Effective 7/1/2024, all employee evaluations are housed in Pivot by FiveStar.
  • Accessing Pivot is easy!  Click the link above and then click "Sign in with Google."
  • New to MAISD? Welcome! 
    • All new staff are automatically added to a Google access group.
    • New staff must login to Pivot with Google the first time to register their account in Pivot.
    • Then evaluators (administrators) can go to their Pivot dashboard and click the + symbol to add them to their tiles. (If new staff have not logged in yet, administrators won't them.)
  • New to Pivot or just looking to learn more? Access the Pivot Confluence Database. There are sections focused on the needs of:
    • Employees being evaluated (using the word "teacher," but applying to a broader audience).
    • Administrators who conduct observations and evaluations.


Evaluation Rubrics in Use

All current staff evaluation rubrics are housed and available in Pivot by clicking the Evaluations tab and choosing Your Rubric. The following rubrics are currently in use for staff groups within MAISD:

  • Collins & Blaha AdministrationAdministrators, Instructional Leadership (with direct line to student achievement, includes required student growth

  • Collins & Blaha Central Office AdministrationAdministrators, Infrastructure (without direct line to student achievement, EXEMPT from required student growth

  • MAISD Special Education Supervisor Performance Rubric, Danielson Model: Special Education Supervisors

  • Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching (2013)Teachers and Teacher Consultants, includes required student growth

  • Michigan School Counselor Performance Evaluation Tool (2016)School Counselors, includes required student growth

  • MAISD Administrative Assistant Performance RubricAdministrative Assistants

  • MAISD Business Office Performance Rubric: Business Office Staff

  • MAISD Early Interventionist Performance Rubric: Early Interventionists

  • MAISD Interpreter Performance Rubric: Interpreters

  • MAISD OT Performance Rubric: Occupational Therapists

  • MAISD Paraeducator Performance Rubric: Paraeducators

  • MAISD PT Performance Rubric: Physical Therapists

  • MAISD School Psychologist Performance Rubric: School Psychologists

  • MAISD SLP Performance Rubric: Speech and Language Pathologists

  • MAISD SSW Performance Rubric: School Social Workers

  • MAISD Bus Driver/Aide Performance Rubric: Bus Driver/Aides

  • MAISD Maintenance & Custodial Performance Rubric: Maintenance & Custodial Staff

  • MAISD Mechanic Performance Rubric: Mechanics

  • MAISD Transportation Assistant, Dispatch, Trainer Rubric:  Transportation Assistants, Dispatch/Trainers


Evaluation System Elements for Each Group

All staff roles are essential at MAISD. We all do different work in different spaces and are subject to different laws and policies, and staff evaluation is no exception. Below is a list of the elements of the professional growth cycle that applies to each group:

  • MAISD Evaluation System Required Elements: Access HERE.