Academic Credits


Face-to-Face ELA

Both juniors and seniors are invited to take English Language Arts (ELA) at the MACC. Our face to face ELA class meets twice a week, and students are pulled out of their CTE class for an hour and fifteen minutes at a time. Although the class meets twice a week, the workload will be equivalent to a typical five day a week class, with the expectation that students will be working on ELA material outside of the classroom. We focus on grammar, vocabulary,  reading, and writing. Typically, work done in class will be more collaborative in nature, but students are expected to represent their own ideas in everything they do.

Online ELA

Both juniors and seniors are invited to take ELA as an online class at the MACC. All lessons and assignments are given through Google Classroom with supplements from other websites. Students will meet every other week for roughly 30 minutes and are required to check in with the teacher each week. Basic understanding of Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, and Slides), comfort with technology, and excellent time management skills are recommended for students who wish to take this class.

Overview of ELA Topics

The face to face and online ELA classes will cover the same material each week. Students will listen to the Serial podcast, write their own podcast, read at least one novel of their choice each semester, dabble in Shakespeare, and have regular grammar and vocabulary lessons. Our work this year will focus on identifying and analyzing rhetorical devices, critically thinking about what we read, and using these findings to drive written responses on various texts.                           

What Students Are Saying

Mrs. Reisbig is an excellent English teacher. Granted, we as students only have her twice a week, but she manages to squeeze in everything that she needs to until the next week. She engaged with students as much as I wish my home teachers did. She always knew if something was off and would ask if you wanted to talk. She cared about her students, and not just about their grade.  —Haley

You educated all my peers and myself in such a divergent way than any other teacher I've had in my high school career, and so far that's what has made me enjoy your class so much over the course of this year.  You had helped every single student succeed and you encouraged us to be a better us. —Kae-Leigh