Explore the Montcalm Area Career Center and find answers to frequently asked questions. These ;general student-related questions are listed below. Feel free to reach out and follow the MACC on Facebook. Call anytime at 616-225-5700 or ask your high school counselor.

Students are eligible to attend if they live in one of the seven Montcalm County school districts.  Some students in the Belding school district can also attend IF they get approval from Belding and the MACC program is not offered at the Ionia County Career Center.

Our application opens on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving each year. Here is the web address to apply: Montcalm Area Career Center Application, You can also ask your high school counselor.

Good attendance is a priority shared by all employers. The MACC provides students with career awareness and technical skills training leading to employment or continuing education. Therefore, we believe good attendance is critical. Frequent absences prevent learning the skills necessary to be a world-class employee. Good attendance is very important for job placement eligibility, resumes, and performance certificates. 

In person, Monday through Friday during the school year.

  • AM class meets from 8:00 am – 10:30 am
  • PM class meets from 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Interested in a tour? Please call ahead of time to schedule an appointment. We are happy to show you around. 616-225-5706

After students apply, their school counselor will conduct a credit audit to determine if they need to make up credits to graduate. If students are granted permission from their local district, they will be able to attend as long as there is space available in their chosen program.  

Absolutely! We have had many successful homeschool students.

Here is the web address to apply: Montcalm Area Career Center Application

Contact your local high school or call the MACC 616-225-5700 We are happy to help.