MAISD Truancy Referral Policy Agreement

Montcalm County Probate Court
Montcalm County Prosecuting Attorney
Montcalm County Department of Human Services
Montcalm Area ISD and Constituent School Districts

The parties to this agreement are committed to improving school attendance among all students of Montcalm County. We acknowledge and agree that student achievement will be enhanced through improved student attendance when all parties effectively share information, consistently enforce expectations while sharing resources to affect positive behavior change for students and their parents. The goal of this agreement is to establish procedures to be followed when a student is identified as truant as defined in the MAISD Truancy Referral Process.

The parties further agree to develop internal policies and cooperative procedures as needed to implement the school attendance initiative beginning with the 2007-08 school years.

We each agree to:

  1. Promote a coordinated effort among agencies and all personnel to achieve improved student attendance with the goal of improving student achievement in school.  The MAISD will provide sample templates, newsletter articles and news releases to launch the revised Montcalm Area Truancy Referral Policy.
  2. Participate in interagency planning meetings as appropriate.
  3. Jointly plan and /or provide information and access to training opportunities when feasible.
  4. Develop internal organizational policies and cooperative grade level procedures, as needed, to implement this policy agreement.
  5. Comply with relevant state and federal law and other local rules which relate to records use, security, dissemination, retention / destruction.
  6. Schools, Department Human Services, MAISD Truancy Officers, Prosecuting Attorney and the Probate Court will follow these recommended date lines:

The date lines are per school year. If a student moves to another Montcalm County school any time during the school year the date lines will follow.