Reading and Foundational Skills

  • Michigan's Early Literacy Overview - 3rd grade reading workgroup report, Michigan Department of Education approved assessment tools for early literacy
  • 3rd Grade Reading - PA 306
  • Michigan's ELA Standards - K-12 ELA standards, early literacy/K alignment, course/credit requirements
  • Reading Rockets - resources, including research, on reading for teachers, parents, and other
  • Disciplinary Literacy Essentials - Expert research suggests that 10 sets of practices outlined in this document can have a positive impact on both literacy development and conceptual learning of content. The consistent use of these practices in every Michigan classroom can make a measurable, positive difference in student learning and improve the state's literacy achievement.

What the Experts Are Talking About

Here will be featured links to blogs and articles from reading researchers and experts. These selections are meant to give the reader pause and be thought provoking. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Montcalm Area ISD or its staff.

Reading Now Network

Logo for the Reading Now Network. Click on this logo to go to the Network's homepage.The Reading Now Network (RNN) was created in 2014 by 13 West Michigan counties. This network is a collective effort of superintendents, local school districts, and intermediate school districts in West Michigan to improve early literacy across grade levels. Using state student achievement data, the RNN conducted a field study of schools across the economic landscape and identified 5 key findings that lead to student reading success. Videos highlighting the 5 findings can be found on the RNN's homepage: