Technology Help and Guides

Calling Basics

Our main number is: 616-225-4700

Pickup Handset
Dial any 4 digit internal extension or dial 8 for an outside call
Hang up to end call

Press the directory button to search by first name


Avaya J169 - Quick Reference

Avaya 9608G - Quick Reference



New staff hired by MAISD will meet with an HR representative for onboarding to verify employment and complete a new staff packet on or before their first day of work.

Prior to starting work or receiving access to technology equipment and services staff must go through onboarding.

At the time new staff meet with HR they receive their login name, temporary password, email address, and key fob providing building and copier access.

Security measures require new staff to be onsite the first time they login and change their password for the account to become active.  Setting or changing of passwords offsite is not permitted at this time.

We have several sources for directory information ranging from the public information searchable on our web site at to private internal lists available within your Google Drive by searching the key words "Staff Directory."

All technology requests must be made by submitting an online help desk ticket.

The technology help desk can be found on our web site at:

Three methods of creating a technology ticket:

1. Technology Support Dashboard (requires login)

2. Email: If you cannot get logged into the support system, please send an e-mail to

3. Call: If you cannot access technology or have an emergency, please call 616-225-5777. If a technician is not available, leave a voicemail message and a ticket will be automatically created with the voicemail attached.

Montcalm Area ISD utilizes an HP T730 large format plotter for creating posters and signs for MAISD instructional and administrative use.

If you need to make a sign larger than 11"x17" for your classroom feel free to stop by our administrative office to use the plotter.

Instructions for guest login and use are posted near the plotter along with additional guidance below.

Replacement supplies such as paper and ink cartridges are available next to the plotter.
The combined cost of paper and ink for specific paper sizes are listed on the plotter.

For the smoothest printing experience, it is recommended to save or print your desired document in Adobe PDF format, open the document in Adobe Acrobat, and then select print. Please do not print from a web browser such as Google Chrome.

Paper Sizes:

24" Roll - Select page size ARCH C for 18"x24" output
36" Roll - Select page size ARCH D for 24"x36" output

Basic Printing Instructions:

  1. Open document in Adobe Acrobat
  2. Select Printer: ADM-HPDJ-T730 from the printer list or contact technology services to install the printer on your device if it is not installed. We utilize Papercut for print management so the device is available as a Papercut device.
  3. Select "Page Setup"
  4. Select Paper "Size": ARCH C or ARCH D depending on the desired size
  5. Select Paper "Source": ROLL
  6. Select Orientation "Auto"
  7. Select "Print"

After the print jobs are received by the plotter you may see a message on the screen indicating a paper size issue, please respond "continue."

Additional Guides and Resources

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If you need further assistance please contact technology services.