March 12, 2024

My MACC Podcast 5 - The MACC, College Advice, Resume Tips and more

My MACC Podcast Episode 5 - In this episode, Jlyn talks with Mrs. Tripp, Associate Superintendent of CTE/Early College shares information about the MACC.  Leah sits down with Mrs. Lutz-Krebill, Curriculum Specialist/CTE Support Services, and goes over some great Resume advice. Brooke, Lilly, and Leah talk about Sephora Kids.  Mr. Jakubowski, Public Safety Instructor highlights what goes on in his class.  Adrian talks with Ken Gothman, the Career Outreach Coordinator shares his action plan for career and college preparedness.   Alex reaches out to several people about College Advice and other options. 

Check it out, and share.

The MY MACC Podcast is a student-produced podcast aimed at teenagers. The podcast is 'For Students, By Students' and allows the Digital Arts Second Year students to express their thoughts, ideas, and creativity. Additionally, it addresses relevant topics for their age group, promoting engagement and discussion while creating a sense of community among peers. the My MACC Podcast also encourages critical thinking, research, and teamwork, preparing these student producers with skills that will provide professional endeavors in an increasingly media-driven world.   RETURN TO MYMACCPODCAST Home Page