November 7, 2023

My MACC Podcast Episode 1

Podcast 1

Welcome to the first episode of the MY MACC Podcast.  Produced by the Montcalm Area Career Center 2nd Year Digital Arts Students, the podcast is 'For Students, By Students'.

In this episode you will be introduced to the producers, cover the why of the podcast, meet the MACC counselor, The word of the day, meet a MACC student athlete, Animal Facts, How to avoid procrastination,   MACC feature program - Digital Arts, Tech tips with Adrian and a clever outro to the podcast.

Check it out, and share.

The MY MACC Podcast is a student-produced podcast is aimed at teenagers. The podcast is 'For Students, By Students' and allows the Digital Arts Second Year students to  express their thoughts, ideas, and creativity. Additionally, it addresses relevant topics for their age group, promoting engagement and discussion while creating a sense of community among peers. the My MACC Podcast also encourages critical thinking, research, and teamwork, preparing these student producers with skills that will provide professional endeavors in an increasingly media-driven world.   RETURN TO MYMACCPODCAST Home Page