Special Education Services

Special Education services available to students within Montcalm Area Intermediate School District are discussed below.


Assistive Technology Technician:

The AT Technician along with the AT team directly assists children with disabilities in the selection, acquisition, and or use of an assistive technology device by the means of following the MAISD AT Process.

What is Assistive Technology?

"Wikipedia" definition - Assistive Technology is an umbrella term that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities and also includes the process used in selecting, locating, and using them.

Assistive Technology Process:

The Montcalm Area ISD Special Education Assistive Technology Team has adopted the following process, based on the SETT Framework, by Joy Zabula, to be used as a template to help the Individual student teams that wish to start an effective AT process.

Process for Consideration of Assistive Technology

Alt+Shift Rethink the possible. Realize potential.

In order to provide high quality medical services to students, MAISD contracts nursing services through Spectum Health.  A Registered nurse and Licensed Practical nurses are available for direct support, as well as through MedNow.  Spectrum Health MedNow is a telehealth program that is a fast and convenient  way to receive care using technology to bridge the distance between the student and provider.

Brenda Bartula, RN~616-225-4796
Rachel Vargus, LPN

Occupational Therapy
The occupational therapist may provide direct service or consultation for children who have impairments of a fine motor nature.  In addition, students with sensory deficits may be appropriately served by an occupational therapist.  Services may be offered individually or in small groups and are delivered directly or via consultation.  The occupational therapist may also be a member of a multi-disciplinary evaluation team.

Physical Therapy
The physical therapist may provide direct service or consultation for children who have impairments of a gross motor nature.  Services can be offered individually or in small groups and can be delivered directly or through consultation.  The physical therapist may also be a member of a multi-disciplinary evaluation team.

Rena Baxter, OT~Carson City-Crystal and Central Montcalm school districts
Mike Bishop, COTA~Central Montcalm, Montabella and Tri County school districts
Katherine Deming, PT~Lakeview, Montabella and Tri County school districts
Rosie Ells, OTR~Seiter Education Center SCI, Early On and Great Start Readiness Program
Erin Finkler, COTA~Early On
Shannon Foster, OT~Seiter Education Center ASD & EI, Walnut Hills Elementary, Lincoln Heights Elementary, Greenville Middle and High School and Montabella school districts
Kristin Fransen, OT~Cedar Crest Elementary
Gina Gasper-Blasher, OT~Lakeview, Flat River Academy and Baldwin Heights Elementary
Sherri Hebert, PT~Tri County, Central Montcalm and Greenville school districts, MAISD ECSE and Flat River Academy
Deb Kushion, PT~Carson City-Crystal, Central Montcalm Greenville Vestaburg school districts and Montcalm Area Career Center's Great Start Readiness Program
Tammi Schafer, PT~Early On and Seiter Education Center
Deanna Small, COTA/PTA~Carson City-Crystal, Central Montcalm, Greenville and Seiter Education Center
Ashleigh Trato, OT~Tri County and Vestaburg school districts
Jonelle White, COTA~Early On
Marnie Wittenbach, PT~Early On

PDF DocumentOT/PT Guidelines

The school psychologist's main function is in the evaluation of children who have been referred for an initial evaluation or reevaluation of special education eligibility.  The school psychologist often services as the leader of the multi-disciplinary evaluation team assigned to evaluate a child.  In addition, the school psychologist provides insight into learning styles, accommodations, strengths/weaknesses, etc. for classroom teachers and parents.

Andrea DeMeyer, Greenville Public Schools
Abby Fellows, Greenville Public Schools
Madison Herbart, Montabella Community Schools
Laura Hoekema, Greenville Public Schools
Kelsey Hudson, Central Montcalm Public Schools and MAISD programs in Central Montcalm
Amy Mace, Carson City-Crystal Area Schools and Vestaburg Community School
Ashley McBride, Tri County Area Schools
Krista Parks, Lakeview Community Schools
Kariann VanBurgel, Flat River Academy and MAISD Programs in Greenville
Joshua Van Pelt, Tri County Area Schools

The school social worker may provide direct service to eligible students in need of support in the affective area.  Through play, individual discussion or group experiences, children can develop better understanding of feelings and improve relations with others.  Also, the school social worker may consult with staff and parents regarding behavior, emotions and other issues.  In addition, the school social worker may be a member of a multi-disciplinary team in the evaluation of a student.

Tammy Brown~Early Childhood Programs, Lincoln Heights MoCI, all SCI, and Seiter Education Center Elem EI Programs
Tarra Gibson~Upper Elementary, Middle School and High School EI Programs at Seiter Education Center
Melisa Miller~ Greenville Middle School, Transition Center, Cedar Crest Elementary and Greenville High School MoCI Programs
Paige Schultz~Central Montcalm EI Programs
Tonya Swanson~Greenville High School, Seiter Education Center and Central Montcalm ASD Programs

The speech and language therapist may provide direct service or consultation for children who have articulation, fluency or language impairments.  Services may be provided individually, in groups or with an entire class as in deemed appropriate.  In addition, the therapist participates in evaluations of children and provides consultation to classroom teachers and parents.

Liz Campbell~Cedar Crest Elementary and SCI Programs
Allyson Cramer~Seiter Education Center 
Lauren Timmer~EI and ASD Programs
Doug Hazzard~Greenville Middle and High School MoCI and Greenville Middle School  ASD Programs
Tamara Kuhn~Early On
Trisha Saylor~Early On
Tammy Youmans~Early On

Teacher consultants (TC's) serve as part of the diagnostic team; evaluating students, assisting in planning programs and in consulting with teachers.  In some incidents, TC's also provide instruction to students with impairments who are enrolled full time in regular education.  Students of any eligibility category might be served through the TC model.  TC's cannot teach a subject or give grades, but are primarily responsible for remediation, study skills or coordinating the student's program.  Providing support to the regular education or special education teacher is also part of the TC's responsibility.  Students who receive the support services of a TC graduate through the regular education course of study.

Matthew Balengar, Early Childhood~Carson City-Crystal, Montabella, Tri County and Vestaburg school districts
Cristi Bentley, Greenville Public Schools and CPI Trainer
Doris Demorest, Early Childhood~Central Montcalm, Greenville and Lakeview school districts
Allison Dykstra, MTSS Technical Assistant~Greenville Public Schools
Robin Fisher, General Teacher Consultant~Lakeview Community Schools
Amanda Foster, General Teacher Consultant~Montabella Community Schools and Restorative Practices
Katie Gordon, General Teacher Consultant~Greenville Public Schools and CPI Trainer
Marcy Jaques, General Teacher Consultant~Tri County Area Schools-Elementary and START Liaison
Kelly Larsen, General Teacher Consultant~Greenville Public Schools
Chad Lucas, General Teacher Consultant~Central Montcalm Public Schools
John Mudie, General Teacher Consultant and MTSS Technical Assistant~Lakeview Community Schools and Seiter Education Center
Andrea Nista, Early Childhood~Lakeview, Central Montcalm and Greenville school districts
Drew Reynolds, General Teacher Consultant~Tri County Area Schools-Secondary
Betsy Smith, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher Consultant~All districts
Jennifer Hamill, Orientation & Mobility Specialist~All districts
Jennifer Storey, General Teacher Consultant~Baldwin Heights Elementary, Walnut Hills Elementary and Flat River Academy
Ashley Young, Behavioral Interventionist~Tri County Area Schools

Please access the links below for transition resources in Montcalm County including forms for teachers to use, transition law and helpful information for parents and other transition related information.

PDF DocumentMAISD/MDE-OSE B-13 Federal Reporting Guidance for Secondary Transition (January 2021)

External LinkCareer Guide for Students with Disabilities

External LinkEtiquette for Working with Students with Disabilities

PDF DocumentStudent Rights Handbook

External LinkTransition Live Binder

Teresa Boyer, Supervisor, Transition Services, 616-225-4712