Public Safety


  • Perform operations such as crime scene investigation, threat assessment, response to criminal complaints, and fire services in a unique training facility.


  • Examine state and federal laws and the critical roles of police, courts, and corrections in the criminal justice system.


  • Strengthen your mind and body through physical training, effective self-defense tactics, and use of force situations in a virtual environment.



This course is for students interested in the criminal justice system, government, public safety, or those who have a general interest in public service. It includes a broad overview of the history and scope of the American criminal justice system, emphasizing historical, constitutional (legal), and political considerations. Specific instruction on Michigan Criminal Law is a focus, along with criminal investigations.

The class divides time between college prep/bookwork and hands-on instruction in public safety procedures. Students participate in a mini fire academy, with instruction by local firefighters. This includes lessons in ladders, hoses, and driving a fire truck among a multitude of other things. We also learn through the experience of a diverse group of guest speakers who have backgrounds in public safety, special law enforcement divisions like DNR, Bomb Squad, and K-9, as well as many field trips to places like the Montcalm County jail, the Federal courthouse in Grand Rapids, and local police departments.

Second-year students have the option to apply for an exclusive internship program where they spend their days learning from local law enforcement professionals. Job sites for this program have included Greenville DPS, Montcalm County Prosecutor's Office, Montcalm County Central Dispatch, Montcalm County Sheriff's Office, and many more!                                                                                                                                 


What Students Are Saying

We did a lot of cool hands on things while learning about law enforcement, and Mr. J made all the learning fun. - Zach

A fantastic, intriguing, and fun class, great environment, and great instruction. - Kayce

This is the most challenging, but rewarding class if you love the criminal justice field. Lots of book work, but plenty of fun and experience to go with it! - Tabbytha