Health Sciences


  • Assist medical professionals during clinical rotations to enhance the quality of patients’ lives.


  • Explore the healthcare industry while focusing on medical & lab procedures, medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, and infection control.


  • Develop a professional work ethic, medical skills, quality patient care, and confidentiality.



Health Sciences provides instruction and hands-on experiences in various health and medical fields. Students will learn anatomy and physiology, emergency care, communication skills, and patient care.  They will have the opportunity to observe, work, and obtain hands on experiences in the classroom lab, as well as in local doctor’s offices, hospitals, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Students enrolled in this program must be able to provide their own transportation to clinical sites second semester.                              

What Students Are Saying

If you don't come in with a smile on your face, you'll definitely leave the health class with one. - Lydiah

You will be coming into this classroom thinking that whatever you drink is okay for you, but by the time you leave you will know that it's not healthy. - Felicia

Washing your hands is essential to prevent germs and help patients, and also to pass the class. :-) - Matt