Educational Careers


  • Teach and coach side-by-side with professional educators in a variety of school settings.


  • Design dynamic classroom learning activities using modern technology and research-based practices.


  • Assemble your comprehensive portfolio in preparation for postsecondary education and state teacher certification.



Interested in teaching as a possible profession? If so, this is the class for you! Students will be involved in a fast paced, innovative curriculum where they gain knowledge about teaching and learning. Students will develop skills that are helpful in college and beyond, such as presentation, public speaking, writing, communication and reasoning. Students experience the rewards of teaching by working side by side with multiple expert teachers at the elementary or middle school level. Along with coursework at the MACC, students may have an opportunity to dual-enroll at Montcalm Community College. Students will leave this course with a complete "pre-teaching" portfolio and can earn articulated credit to a number of colleges in Michigan.  

What Students Are Saying

If you're debating on taking the Educational Careers course or not, my advice is to absolutely take it. Teaching is about a lot more than providing information for students to absorb. Teaching is also about (but in no way limited to) providing a safe space for students to express themselves in, providing helpful opportunities for students, and opening doors for their student's future success. This course introduces the fantastic world of educational careers with hands-on learning and involves engaging real-world experiences. - Mikayla

The best part about Educational Careers is the relationships. You get to build relationships with your peers. You also get to build relationships with the students in the classrooms you are observing in. And then, on top of that, you get to build relationships with the teachers you are learning from. You will learn a lot of great things from this course and the mentors you choose to work with. I have enjoyed the course and look forward to using the skills I have learned for many years to come! - Abby  

The best part about Educational Careers is going into classrooms! You get to ask the teachers questions and see how the students act and react to different lessons and activities. The students want you to be a part of everything that they are doing, and you get to form bonds with some of them. Plus Mrs. Reisbig is pretty great, too ; ) - Aana

Educational Careers was a great opportunity to get a head start on earning college credits and getting to work hands-on with children. You get to be on the side of learning that you never truly understood or have seen before. Getting to interact with the kids and be with the specific age group I wanted made me love it even more, and it really showed me how much I really do want to work with kids, especially at the younger age range. By the time I graduate high school I will be going into college with my first year of credits done, which means I spend less money while I am furthering my education.  - Alanna

This program is a great opportunity. It really opens your eyes to the world of teaching. It shows you how much work goes into being a teacher. If you're a hard worker and want to be a teacher, then this program is for you. My favorite part of the program was working with the kids. They just brighten your day and are always happy.  -Laura