Computer Aided Drafting & Design


  • Turn ideas into products using the same design, drafting, and 3D modeling as professional architects and engineers.


  • Work independently and in teams to research, develop, implement, and demonstrate prototypes.


  • Invent unique solutions to complex engineering and architectural challenges.




  • Explore and experience a wide range of innovative projects such as catapults, suspension bridges, and electric cars.


  • Work as individuals and teams to research, design, fabricate, and test unique engineering projects for competitions.


  • Find creative solutions to complex engineering challenges using advanced mathematics, chemistry, and physics.



Welcome to the world of design and engineering as we learn through the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).  In this program, we will learn, and then apply, many of the design & engineering concepts that are in use around the world today.  We will look at the careers in CAD, drafting, and engineering, as well as the effects that designers and engineers have had on society and the environment.  

Throughout the year, we will use the computer and its software as a tool to design technical, mechanical, architectural, and 3D (wireframe and solid) drawings that adhere to the drafting standards.  We will also be using the computer and its 3D design software to solve many different types of problems.  In addition, we will take a look at different types of materials and geometric shapes to see how they have affected the designs and the world we live in.

This class is a self-driven class that requires the student learner to think critically and "outside of the box."  Being a critical thinker and learning how to apply logic will come with the experiences and knowledge that you will gain throughout this class.

The program can be taken for two years to focus on both CAD and Engineering in depth, or in one year to focus on either or.  The program is designed for students to focus on interests and career pathways with hands-on experiences. 


What Students Are Saying

Because of you, and your persistent teaching ways, I finally gained a bit of confidence in myself. You showed that I did have it in me to succeed. - Anonymous

I liked the wide range of things that we did in the class, and how it helped you to find something that you enjoy doing. I also liked that we were mostly independent, just being told what to do and to ask questions if you need help. - Anonymous

I liked how Mr. Johnson looked out for everyone and gave us reminders as to what we still need to work on if we're unsure. - Anonymous

The program has everything I expected it to have and more. The addition of inviting industries to teach us new skills is something that would be very helpful in the long run. - Conner

I liked how the instructor was honest with us and told us what and why we were doing something wrong. - Anonymous

In the beginning of the year, I didn't like how many assignments were assigned at once. I eventually liked how it allowed me to switch back and forth between tasks and not get bored of one. - Anonymous.