Computer Aided Drafting & Design


  • Turn ideas into products using the same design, drafting, and 3D modeling as professional architects and engineers.


  • Work independently and in teams to research, develop, implement, and demonstrate prototypes.


  • Invent unique solutions to complex engineering and architectural challenges.




  • Explore and experience a wide range of innovative projects such as catapults, suspension bridges, and electric cars.


  • Work as individuals and teams to research, design, fabricate, and test unique engineering projects for competitions.


  • Find creative solutions to complex engineering challenges using advanced mathematics, chemistry, and physics.


What Students Are Saying

Because of you, and your persistent teaching ways, I finally gained a bit of confidence in myself. You showed that I did have it in me to succeed. - Anonymous

I liked the wide range of things that we did in the class, and how it helped you to find something that you enjoy doing. I also liked that we were mostly independent, just being told what to do and to ask questions if you need help. - Anonymous

I liked how Mr. Johnson looked out for everyone and gave us reminders as to what we still need to work on if we're unsure. - Anonymous

The program has everything I expected it to have and more. The addition of inviting industries to teach us new skills is something that would be very helpful in the long run. - Conner

I liked how the instructor was honest with us and told us what and why we were doing something wrong. - Anonymous

In the beginning of the year, I didn't like how many assignments were assigned at once. I eventually liked how it allowed me to switch back and forth between tasks and not get bored of one. - Anonymous.