Student Accounting and Auditing Forms

As mandated by statute, Montcalm Area ISD conducts desk and field audits of the state aid memberships in each public school district in the county.  Audit frequency and steps are prescribed by Michigan Department of Education manuals.  Staff work closely with MDE and CEPI in the development of student membership procedures and programs.  Staff also provide staff development to districts in all aspects of student accounting - including residency, days and clock hours of instruction, schools of choice, and graduation and dropout rates.


General Documents for Pupil Accounting

Excel Document2018-2019 Pupil Count Dates

Excel Document75% Attendance Verification

Excel DocumentDS 4061

Word DocumentAffidavit

Word DocumentAffidavit of Proof of Student Age

Word DocumentAffidavit of Proof of Student Age

Word DocumentBirth Certificate Request

Excel DocumentCooperative Education Pupils.xls

Excel DocumentCount Day Absence Form Elementary.xls

Excel DocumentCount Day Absence Form Middle High School.xls

Excel DocumentDays/Hours Instruction

Excel DocumentNew Add Drop Record

Excel DocumentEarly College Middle College form

Excel DocumentElectronic Attendance Certification Page

Excel DocumentElementary Building Summary Checklist

Excel DocumentElementary Field Audit Checklist

Excel DocumentExpanded Online Learning 21f.xls

Excel DocumentExperential Learning Pupil List

Excel DocumentHS Building Summary Checklist

Excel DocumentHigh School Field Audit Checklistt

Excel DocumentHomebased Pupil List.xls

Excel DocumentSchools of Choice Certification

Excel DocumentHomebound Hospitalized Pupils.xls

Excel DocumentHomebased Teacher Log.xls

Excel DocumentLocal District Planning Form

Excel DocumentMS-JH Building Summary Checklist

Excel DocumentMiddle School Field Audit Checklist

Excel DocumentNon Public Home Schooled Pupils at Public School

Excel DocumentNon Public Shared Time FTE Summary Report

Excel DocumentUpdated Non Resident Pupil List

Excel DocumentPart Time Pupil List.xls

Excel DocumentPeer to Peer Pupil List

Excel DocumentPostsecondary (Dual) Enrollment Pupil List

Excel DocumentReduced Schedule Pupil List.xls

Excel DocumentReduced Schedule Request Approval Application.xls

Excel DocumentResidency - Home of Relative Verification Affidavit

Excel DocumentSeat Time Waiver Mentor Instructional Form

Excel DocumentSE Pupil Less than Full Day per IEP

Excel DocumentSplit Schedule Pupil List.xls

Excel DocumentSuspended Expelled Pupil List.xls

Excel DocumentVerification Statement

Excel DocumentVirtual Distance Independent Study Pupil List.xls

Excel DocumentWork Based Learning CTE and Non CTE Pupils List

Excel DocumentWork Based Employer Worksite Visitation Log

Excel DocumentWork Based Learning for Special Education Pupil List

Excel DocumentWork Based Employer SE Worksite Visitation Log

PDF DocumentWorksheet A

PDF DocumentWorksheet B