Goals and Objectives

MAISD AdvancED Accreditation Goals and Objectives

Montcalm Area ISD engages in a strategic planning process every 5 years using a process that involves The Rockefellow Habits. Combined with the Michigan Department of Education's school improvement structure, MAISD's plan includes goals, objectives, strategies, and activities.


Goal 1:  Students, parents, and staff are invested in leading edge, progressive models that foster and enhance learning.

  • Objective 1.1 – Increase student achievement in each school district in reading and mathematics as evidenced by M-STEP and SAT.
    • Strategy 1.1.1 – MAISD and staff will help create and sustain Multi-Tiered Systems of Support in each local district.
      • Activity – Provide evidence-based professional learning opportunities for educators in Montcalm County, including MAISD teacher consultants and school psychologists.
      • Activity – Use the Hexagon Tool for all major purchases and initiatives for MAISD programs and local district support and programs.
      • Activity – Employ a research-based coaching model with our local districts through our MAISD teacher consultants and school psychologists.
      • Activity – Implement MTSS in CTE programs to help impact student performance in ELA/Secondary Literacy.
  • Objective 1.2 – Increase the number of students ready for the next level of education.
    • Strategy 1.2.1 – MAISD teachers and staff will increase the amount of time students in ISD special education programs spend in general education settings and work environments.
      • Activity – Create and share exit and entrance criteria for MAISD programs​
      • Activity – A county ISD program placement committee will be created and will meet regularly to review program placement requests.
      • Activity – Operate Project SEARCH classroom at United Memorial Spectrum Hospital in Greenville. 
      • Activity – Certificate of Completion documents will be approved by each local district school board.
      • Activity – Create a transition program that allows special education students more access to CTE programs.
    • Strategy 1.2.2 – MAISD will provide an Early College experience for students in Montcalm County.
    • Strategy 1.2.3 – MAISD will provide cutting-edge CTE programs for students in Montcalm County.
      •  Activity – Evaluate CTE programs and make changes to curriculum and program offerings based on OCTE guidelines, local employment trends, and stakeholder needs.
    • Strategy 1.2.4 – MAISD will provide strong birth to 5 programming.
      • Activity – MAISD will provide increased opportunities for preschool inclusion.
      • Activity – Increase early on referrals by promoting Child Find (e.g. billboards, ads, attendance at community events).

Goal 2:  MAISD is a leader in the community and provides services that help other organizations respond to their constituents’ needs.

  • Objective 2.1 – Strengthen families in Montcalm County so they may provide for their needs.
    • Strategy 2.1.1 – Create and/or strengthen visible partnerships by providing services that focus on high-impact areas.
      • Activity – Collaborate with and provide space for the Montcalm County Dental Clinic expansion to increase dental clinic services to community.
      • Activity – Provide facility space for Mid-Michigan Industries, centrally located in the county, to allow for continued assistance to community members and close collaboration with MAISD partners.
      • Activity – Maintain space for IM Kids 3rd Meal to operate.
      • Activity – Maintain space for IM Safe to operate.
  • Objective 2.2 – Develop and utilize innovative means of communication with all stakeholders to disseminate information on resources, support services, programs, and instructional best practices.
    • Strategy 2.2.1 – Create a variety of printed resources that support communication.
      • Activity – Create a regional resource directory to be shared with parents, staff, students, and communities.
      • Activity – Maintain publication of Education Matters and Connections.
    • Strategy 2.2.2 – Create a variety of technological resources that support communication.
      • Activity – Create and distribute monthly podcasts about MAISD programs.
      • Activity – Create and maintain a new MAISD website.
      • Activity – Continue to participate on the Greenville radio show
      • Activity – Provide training to CTE teachers to increase online delivery models, innovative practices around use of technology, and data collection/analysis using technology resources.
    • Strategy 2.2.3 – Continually solicit input to identify ongoing needs of all stakeholders.
      • Activity – Utilize stakeholder surveys annually (staff, parents, local district staff, community). 
      • Activity – Host monthly meetings (provided opportunities for regular, two-way communication of stakeholder needs and MAISD actions to fulfill stakeholder requests.)

Goal 1: Expand educational opportunities for all students, staff, and community.

Goal 2: Provide ongoing, forward-thinking leadership.

Goal 3: Create connectedness in MAISD, in districts, and between districts.

Goal 4: Maintain financial integrity of MAISD and local districts.

Goal 5: Establish a unified legislative voice.


MAISD Vision

MAISD is a catalyst for responsible learners, innovative schools, and strong communities.


MAISD Mission

Leading, collaborating, and serving to create education without boundaries.