Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

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Five SEL Core Competencies as Identified by CASEL

Strong return on investment

The average return on investment for six evidence-based programs is (11 to 1) meaning for every dollar invested there is an $11 return, savings from costs not incurred for intervention.

Source: Belfield, C., Bowden, B., Klapp, A., Levin, H., Shand, R., & Zander, S. (2015). The Economic Value of Social and Emotional Learning. New York: Center for Benefit-Cost Studies in Education

Our nation is truly at a turning point: We now understand that social and emotional development underpin children’s academic learning, growth, and success.

Trauma Champions

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Mission: As a community, we develop awareness of trauma and empower pathways of resiliency.

Vision: Build a trauma informed community in ten years

Establish 2017

Trauma Champions: Community Coaches

The goals of the Community Champion's training include opportunities to:

  • Learn and develop skills to articulate:
  • The ACE research findings and implications
  • Basic information about how ACEs impact brain development and function as an adaptive response to the environmental circumstances
  • What community core protective systems capacity is and how the development of a community capacity can help reduce ACEs in children
  • Support in implementation of the Trauma Framework with community organizations desiring to engage in trauma informed practices.

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