Montcalm Area ISD Staff and Departments

MAISD operates 3 categories of programming served by a several different departments: General Education, Special Education, and Career and Technical Education (CTE). Each of the categories contains several important functions. These functions are  listed below with the corresponding contact persons.


General Education Programs and Services

MAISD Superintendent:  Ron Simon
Associate Superintendent for Instruction:  Stephanie O'Dea
Associate Superintendent for Business:  Stephanie Weese
Director of Early Childhood and Parent Programming:  Cari O'Connor
Director of Pupil Accounting and Human Resources:  Leanne Bush
Director of Technology:  Tom Staten
Director of Maintenance and Facilities:  Don Thompson
Administrative Services Coordinator:  Penny Dora

Special Education Programs and Services

Associate Superintendent for Special Education:  Jodi Willard
Special Education Planner/Monitor:  Kathryn Glanville
Director of Transportation:  Dee Evans
Seiter Education Center Principal:  Rachel Tabron
Special Education Program Supervisors:

  • ASD Programs: Rachel Tabron
  • Early Childhood Special Education and MoCI Program:  Teresa Boyer
  • EI, Transition and D/HH:  Kristen Larson 

Career and Technical Education

Associate Superintendent for CTE and Career Center Principal:  Celena Mills
Career Center Curriculum Specialist:  Sharon Lutz-Krebill