Special Education Programs

Special Education programs are available to students within Montcalm Area Intermediate School District. Some programs are at a satellite location while others are housed at one of our facilities. Each program is discussed in greater detail below.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder

The MAISD provides seven categorical classrooms for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder; four of which are satellite programs located with the Greenville Public School District and three within the Seiter Educational Center. Students are placed on more restrictive programs based on IEP team decisions, with the goal to return to their local school district.

Satellite Programs

Rachel Sneller, Special Education Supervisor~616-225-4724
Aimy Germain, Adminstrative Assistant~616-225-4720

Kayne Culbertson-Deur, Teacher~Cedar Crest Elementary
Jordan Piercefield, Teacher~Cedar Crest Elementary
Terry Platte, Teacher~Cedar Crest Elementary
Kelly Larsen, Teacher~Greenville Middle School
Shelly VanDrunen-Yaw, Teacher~Greenville High School

Seiter Education Center Programs

Rachel Sneller, Special Education Supervisor~616-226-4724
Aimy Germain, Administrative Assistant~616-225-4720

Vincent Truszkowski, High School Teacher~Seiter Education Center
Jodi Fessenden, Middle School Teacher~Seiter Education Center
Rhonda Waldorf, Elementary Teacher-Seiter Education Center

Emotional Impairment

The goal of MAISD categorical classrooms for students with Emotional Impairments is to provide support to students experiencing emotional and/or behavioral challenges in school. The MAISD provides six such classrooms which are located as satellite programs in local school districts and the Seiter Educational Center. 

A team problem-solving approach, involving the EI classroom staff, program supervisor and school social worker is utilized to help students improve academic, social, and life skills, as well as to build self-esteem and employability skills. Through this intensive support, the goal is for students to make positive behavioral choices, and eventually, return to their home school. 

Satellite Programs

Kristen Larson, Special Education Supervisor~616-225-4826
Donna Walker, Administrative Assistant~616-225-4726

Bruce Bennett, Teacher~Central Montcalm Middle School
Allison Dykstra, Teacher~Central Montcalm Upper Elementary 
Mike Taylor, Teacher~Central Montcalm Upper Elementary
Tracy Walczewski, Teacher~Central Montcalm High School

Seiter Education Center Programs

Kristen Larson, Special Education Supervisor~616-225-4826
Donna Walker, Administrative Assistant~616-225-4726

Terry Eubank, High School Teacher~Seiter Education Center
Kathy Seabolt, Elementary Teacher~Seiter Education Center

PDF DocumentEI Determination Guidelines

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The Montcalm Area Intermediate School District offers programming to support students who have significant hearing impairments. Presently, there are three classrooms for the Deaf/Hard-of-hearing (D/HH); all located within the Central Montcalm Public School District. Students in the D/HH classrooms have the opportunity to receive small group instruction and support from highly-trained teachers throughout the school day, while also participating in the general education setting for many of their academic subjects. 

The D/HH classrooms use a variety of communication methods to assist students in accessing information. Language development remains the primary focus of the MAISD D/HH classrooms. Other outcome areas include basic academic skills, use of hearing, primary communication mode, specialized alternative communication strategies and devices, productivity, and personal/interpersonal skills.

Kristen Larson, Special Education Supervisor~616-225-4826
Donna Walker, Administrative Assistant~616-225-4726

Diane Harris-Basom, Teacher~Central Montcalm Schools
Betsy Smith, Teacher Consultant

College Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students


Little People Land

The Montcalm Area Intermediate School District Little People Land Early Childhood Special Education Preschool provides a high quality collaborative education for children with special educational needs. It is our goal to provide children with the basic foundational skills necessary for a successful educational journey and essential for a lifelong love of learning, exploration, and inquiry. Our Little People Land program provides safe, nurturing, and learning environments where children have the opportunities to exercise all developmental domains through play, discovery, problem-solving and the unique experiences facilitated by our dedicated teachers and staff.

Central Montcalm Learning Center
710 N State Street
Stanton, MI 48888
phone: 616-225-4872

Teresa Boyer, Special Education Supervisor~616-225-4712
Connie Bellinger, Administrative Assistant~616-225-4706

Kristi Snedden, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

Moderate Cognitive Impairment

MAISD operates three programs for students K-12, identified with Moderate Cognitive Impairments.  All programs are located within the Greenville Public Schools as a satellite program.  The emphasis is to help students become as independent as possible and gain functional life skills.

Teresa Boyer, Special Education Supervisor~616-225-4712
Donna Walker, Administrative Assistant~616-225-4726

Danni Drum, Teacher~Walnut Hills Elementary
Jennifer Cruz, Teacher~Greenville Middle School
Jennifer Budge, Teacher~Greenville High School

Parent Child Learning Group

The Parent Child Learning Group (PCLG) consists of parents that have children with special needs. The program is operated by Montcalm Area Intermediate School District. 

PCLG offers weekly visits, in the child’s home or within a natural environment, as well as a weekly playgroup. The weekly playgroup is offered in three convenient locations across the county from 9:30-11:00 am. The group meets weekly to facilitate peer interaction and to offer learning experiences for parents and children. Registration for the playgroup is recommended prior to attending, but all are welcome. Please call to register at 616-225-6146.

Weekly home visits use a Primary Service Provider Model with a Coaching method to effectively help parents as their child’s first and best teacher.

Teresa Boyer, Special Education Supervisor~616-225-4712
Connie Bellinger, Administrative Assistant~616-225-4706

Melissa Atwood, Teacher
Sue Clements, Occupational Therapist
Katie Olson, Teacher
Angela Porter, Teacher
Tammi Schafer, Physical Therapist
Kelly Taylor, Teacher
Jonelle White, Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant
Marnie Wittenbach, Physical Therapist
Tammy Youmans, Speech Pathologist

Severe Cognitive Impairment

The goal of MAISD programs for students with Severe Cognitive Impairments is to help stidents become as independent and productive as possible. The MAISD provides three such classrooms which are located at Seiter Educational Center.

Teresa Boyer, Special Education Supervisor~616-225-4712
Donna Walker, Administrative Assistant~616-225-4726


Careeer Skills

The Career Skills program, located at the Montcalm Area Career Center, was created to provide students an opportunity to learn a variety of job skills in a hands-on environment. Students spend four to six weeks in six Career Technical Education programs. During that time, they will are exposed to skills which would be beneficial for entry-level positions with many local employers. In addition to career exploration, students receive direct instruction in: community living, personal finance, daily living, work- based experiences, and employability skills.

Career Skills
Montcalm Area Career Centeer
1550 W Sidney Rd
Sidney MI 48885

Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH is a transition program for students with mild cognitive impairments, there is one program which utilizes space at both Seiter Education Center and Spectrum Health United Memorial Hospital. The program provides real-life work experience combined with training in employability and independent living skills to help youths with significant disabilities make successful transitions from school to productive adult life. The Project SEARCH model involves an extensive period of training and career exploration, innovative adaptations, long-term job coaching, and continuous feedback from teachers, job coaches, and employers.

Hometown Stanton

The Hometown Stanton Transition Program, located in downtown Stanton, is designed to help provide training for adult crew members (aged 18-26) who are not yet ready to meet the demands of adult living, but have completed four to five years of high school in a special education program.  These student are on track to receive a Certificate of Completion once they exit the Transition Plus Program.  Students focus on four important skills: employability, self-advocacy, daily living and communication.

Hometown Stanton
536 W Main St; PO Box 367
Stanton, MI  48888
phone: 616-225-6198

SCI Transition​

SCI Transition is for students aged 18-26, identified with severe cognitive impairments.  There is one program located at Seiter Education Center. The purpose of the program is to provide individualized support to allow young adults to transition successfully from their role as a high school student to that of an adult in his/her own community. Students benefit from both classroom lessons as well as daily opportunities for community based instruction in multiple settings throughout the county.​

Kathryn Glanville, Special Education Supervisor~616-225-4714
Donna Walker, Administrative Assistant~616-225-4726

Tim Dugan, Career Skills Teacher
Chris Hamman, Project Search Teacher
Bob Hemmingsen, Stanton Hometown Teacher
Kory Steves, Severe Cognitive Impairments Transition Teacher

PDF DocumentProject Search Application 16-17