Public Safety

This course is for students interested in the criminal justice system and includes a broad overview of the history and scope of the American Criminal Justice System primarily through a descriptive survey of the agencies and processes involved in the administration of criminal justice. The course emphasizes historical, constitutional (legal), and political considerations. Criminal justice is analyzed as a system, with emphasis on the problems and prospects for change. Specific instruction on Michigan Criminal Law is also a focus. The class divides time between college prep/bookwork, and hands on instruction in public safety procedures. 



What Students Are Saying

We did a lot of cool hands on things while learning about law enforcement, and Mr. J made all the learning fun. - Zach

A fantastic, intriguing, and fun class, great environment, and great instruction. - Kayce

This is the most challenging, but rewarding class if you love the criminal justice field. Lots of book work, but plenty of fun and experience to go with it! - Tabbytha