Plant and Animal Science is a program based around the agricultural and natural resources industries. This program includes instruction in animal and plant anatomy, genetics, disease prevention, food safety, environmental science, and agribusiness. This course has a focus on the general production of agriculture from farm to table, covering the stages in between. When students enroll in plant and animal science, they automatically become a member of our chapter of the National FFA Organization, a nationwide organization that encourages students to become involved in agriculture while teaching them leadership and accountability.



What Students Are Saying

In this class, not only do you learn about agriculture, but you learn about how to be someone more. It prepares you for the future. - Jessica

This is a really fun, hands-on class. It helps to prepare you for college, and gives you skills for jobs later in life. - Caitie

Before this class, I was met with a hundred closed doors, now I'm walking in through thousands. - Kourtney