MAISD Board of Education

MAISD Board of Education 2016-17. Top row from left to right:  Superintendent Ron Simon, Board President Steve Foster, Bud Longnecker. Bottom row from left to right: Kurt Peasley, Brian Corwin, Mark Christensen.

Top row, left to right: Superintendent Ron Simon, Steve Foster, Bud Longnecker
Bottom row, left to right:  Kurt Peasley, Brian Corwin, Mark Christensen




  1. Expand the educational opportunities available to ALL students, staff, and the community.‚Äč
  2. Provide ongoing, futuristic, forward thinking leadership for MAISD, our locals, and other  educational entities.
  3. Enhance the image of MAISD and our mission.
  4. Maintain the financial integrity of the district.
  5. Establish a unified legislative voice on educational issues with Montcalm County and across the state.


Please contact Leanne Bush or Penny Dora for past agendas and meeting minutes.


The Montcalm Area Intermediate School District follows policies and bylaws created by the MAISD Board of Education based on rules and regulations provided by the Federal Government, State of Michigan, and local governments.

MAISD Board Policies

Education Department General Administrative Regulations - EDGAR

Michigan State Board of Education Policies and Resolutions

Michigan School Finance and School Law

FMLA Employee Rights and Responsibilities